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Because that's what parents are for...according to them, I've never kissed a boy in my entire life. I think they deny the existence of 'opposite sex' when it comes to me...  :?
ow that all is said and done, do you like what you have become?


BRUIF to the world!


Perhaps we should promote our english part of the site a little...

Nothing to be seen here... actually.
BRUIF to the world!


Well, no-one been around for a long time I notice!
So I thought I would break the silence so to speak,and hopefully maybe there are more who wish to
communicate in English (my mother-language, so nice for me sometimes ! )

see ya around  !


I'll be able to reply in English, if you wish. But this isn't exactly the most popular part of the forum.
BRUIF to the world!


Citaat van: OlavTorkson op 23 februari, 2007, 17:43:37
I'll be able to reply in English, if you wish. But this isn't exactly the most popular part of the forum.

I have to say, I have noticed your English is very good Olav !

Oh well indeed, maybe not much point in communicating here but nice to have the opportunity to do so
now and then or whatever..


Thank you! You should hear me pronounce it... (you really shouldn't).

If the top level domain name wasn't .nl we'd have much more international visitors, I guess. Nevertheless, if you have any questions in English, or difficulties in Dutch, I'll try to answer to them, of course.
BRUIF to the world!


Citaat van: maaike op 16 mei, 2004, 17:46:33
Hallo everybody,

Welcome at this new forum!


For suggestions etc: you can post in this topic.


Hi, Maaike mijn dochter van 17 heeft last van trillingen,
dat komt plotseling en dan trilt ze over haar hele lichaam, ze heeft dan ook last
met ademhalen. Wij wonen in spanje en je kunt hier maar heel weinig informatie krijgen, weet jij hier iets van?


Tip: In sommige engelstalige landen staat Pfeiffer bekend als Glandulat Fever, maar in andere kennen ze het weer als Mono.


Is this alive or dead-the forum I mean? It seems very dead...


Indeed. Maybe 'throw it away'?


No don't throw it away,it can be useful.
I have just been diagnosed with Chronic Pfeiffer (second time for me in about 4 years) so keep this please.


Hmm, ok...
I mean throw away the English part. The other part is active.